I take a lot of photos! Many end up on Instagram and the best ones end up on my online portfolio. However, there are many, many photos that don’t end up anywhere. They are all edited images that can’t be posted on Instagram because I don’t want to flood my feed with the same subject all at once.  A large percentage of these photos are personal projects, which I feel should be showcased on a space where I can post numerous photos of the same subject with a description of the project.

I will start with Catface. An online hair extensions seller, that specialises in unique and wonderful colour hair extensions and pop culture accessories. I initially responded to Marriete’s (the owner of Catface) advert about a photo shoot for one of her blog pieces. Unfortunately, I was too late, and the job had gone to another photographer. However I was contacted again by her, and she proposed we do a Spring/Summer photoshoot featuring many different designers. I Immediately said yes, and we shot the lookbook not long after.

As the theme was Spring/Summer, lots of colour and patterns were involved. Oranges, vibrant purples, gorgeous tones of pink were the central colours of the shoot. Bold African prints mixed with solid colours really showcased the designs of the clothes and I was very impressed at how the clothes came alive from the background despite the backdrop being very vibrant.

I enjoyed shooting with Mariette, she was extremely fun to shoot with,  she made the team feel at ease with her wit and confident manner. It was also the first time I worked with a stylist (Nikki Ranger), who I have to say has an impeccable sense of style. I loved how creative she was with the garments, she mixed contrasting accessories and clothes to create outfits that were sui generis. Amazing!

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